Fun Things

— Spinach Dip —

Hot, creamy dip with artichoke hearts and cheese, served with pita for dipping and keeping your fingers clean.

— Britney Spears —

Chicken tenders that are marinated, poked with a sharp stick and grilled. We serve them with some greens and some dippable dips for dipping, like a chipotle sauce and a basil pesto. We recommend actually eating these versus lip syncing.

— Polish Church Basement Pierogies —

High-density dumplings from Poland, carefully assembled by nimble immigrant hands, slathered in butter ’n onions.  Dziadzio and Baci wouldn’t steer you wrong. Eat, Najdroższa, Eat!

— Harris’ Hummus —

With tahini and a touch of lime, served with warm pita bread triangles and some vegetables.  A Harris Grill favorite!

— Calamari Mata Hari —

Our favorite cephalopod all dressed up in a seasoned breading and quickly flash-fried, then tossed in a sweet and spicy chile drizzle of Dutch and Indian influence.


On the bone as God intended, they’re served with celery sticks and ranch or fromage bleu – also as God intended. All are spicy – particularly the Nummers — but you just have to ask if you want them hotter than hell and we’ll make ‘em burn.

No splittin’ the flavors, no spittin’ on the floor, and don’t clean yourself up ’til you’re finished.

— Big Gay Al’s Strawberry Chipotle BBQ —

Back from 0ur early days, our sweet and smoky BBQ that we’re not ashamed to bring out of the closet.

— Chimichurri Flurry —

A screaming bright garlic and herb take on the classic Argentinian condiment that purportedly brought Juan Perón to power.

— Colombian Gum Nummers —

— Just Damn Hot Buffalo —

— Jamaican Jerk —

— Dry-Rub Bacon—


(Not so fun as to be discounted during the happy hour special.)

 — It A Curd To Me In New York —

A couple of years ago we found this dude who made fresh cheddar cheese balls for us from his basement in Larenceville. Then he quit, and we were sad. But we found another guy, or rather, a family: The Hickeys of Woodhull, NY. It’s unlikely they will quit. And we are happy. So, we hand-batter their curds and gently fry them ’til even deliciouser, then serve with some of our sweet & spicy Stillers Sauce.

— Buffalo Chicken Dip —

A favorite of every Stillers party south of Penn Ave. Oven baked, gooey, and full o’ spicy bird, served with celery sticks and pita wedges for dippin’.

— Hush Piggies —

We’ve fired up the Bluth Cornballer with absolutely no regard to our personal safety to bring you these free-range tots chock-full of bacon and sharp cheddar, served aside a lil’ bucket of Harris Grill Srirancha for dipping.

— Kielrogieretzel Sliders —

From our yinzerific test kitchens deep below Ellsworth Avenue comes a combo of all things Pittsburgh: kielbasa, sauerkraut, whole grain mustard, and cheese-stuffed pierogi together in mini pretzel buns.


— Applewood Bacon “Steak’n” —

Cut from hand-selected pork belly which has been carefully trimmed and cured with an Old World-style processing technique, in Wisconsin, we hand-cut four smoked pork belly steaks with cracked peppercorn maple reduction. Now the staff is very concerned that you understand that this is bacon and don’t think that this is a beef steak with bacon.  You’re smarter than that, aren’t you?


Please call restaurant to ensure item availability. Like Nixon said, you can feed all of the people some of the time….