Seasonal Cocktails

Summer 2015

Available for a limited time only!

Cherry Limeade
A refreshing blend of sweet and tart flavors.  Hendrix gin, fresh squeezed lime sours, and Fee Bros. Cherry bitters.

The classic summertime cooler.  Bell’s Oberon Ale gets tarted up with lemon and Natrona Ginger Beer.

Tea Thyme
A right proper drink for the afternoon, eh, guv?  Earl Grey-infused Sobieski vodka mixed with fresh thyme and lemon sours.

Beam Honey Mule
An American twist on the Russian classic:  Jim Beam Honey, Bitter Truth Lemon Bitters, and Natrona Ginger Beer served in a copper mug.  Or change it up by substituting Jim Beam Red Stag.

Derby Day
We admit it, we know nothing about horse racing – but we’re suckers for any sport that involves daytime drinking and enormous, feathered hats!  Old Overholt Rye, peach preserves, lemon, and mint.

I Carried a Watermelon?
Inspired by the greatest movie in the history of cinema.  Muddled watermelon and cilantro, Espolon Reposado tequila, Combier, and house-made lime sours.