Big Things

Big, hearty meals, ‘cuz you need more calories when you play outside all day. 

— Lasagne Aubergine —

Also known as Eggplant Lasagne, it’s noodleless nonetheless. Wafer-thin eggplant gets the Colonel’s treatment, then it’s stacked and slathered with house made tomato sauce, basil pesto, and silky, sexy cheese.

— Upstate Chicken Riggies —

A favorite in all of New York (save for The City), this casserole is the stuff that brings grandmothers to fisticuffs in local contests. If you break it down you’ll decipher that there’s chicken and rigatoni pasta, plus vodka sauce, cheese, peppers, mushrooms, black olives, and Lord knows what else!

— Chicken Quesadilla —

Más grande que el promedio, el pollo se asa parrilla y se sirve con todos los complementos, Gringo.  Google translation: “We are in school, the room is large and bright.”

Taco Town!

Tacos, our vaguely Mexican entree.

— Short Rib Tacos —

Closer to the bone, sweeter is the meat. Here it’s braised until it’s falling off the bone and tucked into tortillas to make handling a little easier. Big and beefy.

— Fish Tacos! —

Freshly folded and ready for lovin’ come two soft tortillas filled with fish either grilled or fried (your choice – one or ‘tuther, not both now) with some chipotle lime kale slaw, some salad, and the veggie du jour. Gluten-free tortillas available for just a buck.

— Jamaican Tacos Tonight? —

Yes. Yes we are. Three really spicy pulled jerk chicken tacos, Jamaican-style with some calming cilantro cream and pineapple-black bean salsa to bring the temperature down to a manageable level. With a little quinoa and some veggies on the side, mon!

The Macaronis and the Cheeses

So over the past eight or so years we’ve managed to sell more macaronis and cheeses to lucky Pittsburghers than Taylor Swift has sold spiral perms to pregnant teens. In fall 2010, we classed it up and added our almost-famous lobster mac to rave reviews. So let’s roll with a theme, shall we?

— Original HG Macaroni & Cheese —

Done right with a cheddary sauce Mornay, it’s not from a box, and it’s big. Really big. 14,453 calories, but no fat, carbs, or protein. More adventurous? Read on, dear gourmand:

— Macaronis et Fromage de Langoustine —

It just didn’t seem quite right to name this decadent gastroconcoction in English, so we pulled out our high school French. Here our already world-famous Macaroni and Cheese is prepared with Atlantic lobster and lump crab meat.

— Mom’s Hamburger Helper —

How’s a half pound of Angus ground round that’s browned sound? It’s sure to astound.

— Imagine the Rastabilities —

One life, one lunch, let’s get together and feel all right. Have your own ganja-free reasoning right here at the table with spicy Jamaican jerk pulled chicken.

— Flatiron Steak M & C —

Grilled, marinated flatiron steak on our macaroni and cheese. Recommended medium rare so it remains juicy.

For Those Of You With Control Issues…

We give you these options to add in to make your very own special Mac and Chee dish. Get creative! Start with one from above then go crazy! Money is no object; we’ll make your custom supper if it takes the last dime you have! Add real bacon for a couple of bucks. Mix tots in, go ahead, they’re cheap. A scoop of vanilla ice cream is a dollar ten. Want a fried egg? Hell yes! Get a fried egg for a buck. Want two fried eggs? Oh hells yes! Get TWO fried eggs for the same buck! Mix the vegetable of the day in there if you want some fiber. Go hog wild and add some pork carnitas! A really good idea would be to add our yummy chili. Try it. It’s good. Radishes and pickles? They’re free. Just ask for ‘em!


Be the master of your domain with our premier Bowl O’ Food program. Take your picks and just watch: we’ll cook ’em up good and put ’em in a bowl! A bowl is like a plate, but with handy sides to keep your dinner stacked in place. It’s a system. A-B-C. It’s simple as Do Re Mi, A-B-C, 1-2-3, Baby, you and me, girl!

 1. Start with one of these:

Freshly Whipped Mashed Potatoes // Gluten-free Quinoa // Curly Curly Cavatappi & Red Vodka Sauce // Rigatoni Aioli // Tatery Tatery Potato Tots

2. Pick your protein:

Grilled Marinated Chicken // Braised Short Ribs // Pork Carnitas // Grilled Portobello ‘Shroom // Jamaican Jerk Chicken // Turkey Meatballs // Grilled Tofu
or, with an additional charge: Grilled Salmon // Flatiron Steak // Faberge Egg

3. And finish big!

Delicious Roasted Vegetables // Lots of Bacon // Black Bean Pineapple Salsa // Pico de Gallo // Dill Bechamel // Toothsome Hearty Chili // Big Ladle of our famous Mac-n-Chee Sauce // Chipotle-Lime Kale Slaw // Big Gay Al’s Strawberry Chipotle BBQ Sauce

Please call restaurant to ensure item availability. Like Nixon said, you can feed all of the people some of the time….