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Not so fun as to be discounted during the happy hour special.

 Sriracha Deviled Eggs

Despite the pleas of teary-eyed residents of Irwindale, California, we’ve found yet another use for the red rooster sauce in our summer picnicky deviled eggs. Not so hot as to take your breath away, the distinctive hint of sriracha shines through at the end, garnished with bacon glitter.

Buffalo Chicken Dip

A favorite of every Stillers party south of Penn Ave. Oven baked, gooey, and full o’ spicy bird, served with celery sticks and pita wedges for dippin’.

Meatballs On A Stick

So simple it hurts, so pleasing, it, well, it pleases! Here’s a bunch of homemade meatballs in our own red sauce, blanketed in blistery cheese.

Hush Piggies

We’ve fired up the Bluth Cornballer with absolutely no regard to our personal safety to bring you these free-range tots chock-full of bacon and sharp cheddar, served aside a lil’ bucket of Harris Grill Srirancha for dipping.

Goat Cheese Pepper Poppers

Herbed chevre in slightly-charred sweet peppers, drizzled with ancho-infused olive oil, and wearing sunflower seeds. We’re not so pretentionus as to say ‘deconstructed’. Aren’t you glad?

Kielrogieretzel Sliders

From our yinzerific test kitchens deep below Ellsworth avenue comes a combo of all things Pittsburgh: kielbasa, sauerkraut, whole grain mustard, and cheese-stuffed pierogi together in mini pretzel buns.


 The $10 Soup from Puerto Rico

We’re gonna save you about $600 in airfare plus the difference in the price of a cup from what you’d pay in old San Juan for this rich and velvety puree of bean and bacon that’ll leave you wanting a shot of free rum at the airport.

The Great Salmon I Am

Grilled wild salmon atop a mount of olives, spinach, greens, artichoke hearts, and feta, with our signature tarragon vinaigrette.


  Pennsyltucky Hot Brown

The state of Kentucky has nothing on the Commonwealth when it comes to hot sandwiches. Here’s the traditional gratin of turkey & bacon atop Texas toast in our cheese sauce. Admittedly, Kentucky does make better bourbons.

Reuben Kincaid

Speaking of hot sandwiches and obscure television characters from the 70s, here’s the classic sandwich, piled high with lean corned beef.  Name Reuben’s show for bonus points!

Salmon BLT

More than just the most recognizable acronym preceding OPP, OMG, and ROTFLMAO, the BLT is a fine sandwich, proven over time. But we’ve made that even better with the addition of wild salmon* on a toasted ciabatta bun and a special rosemary accented compound mayonnaise. Try it on a pretzel roll or gluten-free roll for just a buck!


Short Rib Tacos

Closer to the bone, sweeter the meat. Louis Prima knew that way back when. Here it’s braised until it’s falling off the bone and tucked into tortillas to make handling a little easier. Big and beefy. There’s virtually nothing that doesn’t go nicely in a tortilla. Makes you wonder why gringos invented bread.

 Rita Hayworth and The Porkshank Redemption

Our famous towering monstrosity of meat: fall-off-the-bone-tender braised pork finished with our Bourbon Glaze, and towering above a foundation of mashed potatoes. A favorite of Freddie Llewellyn and soon to be one of yours.

*Please call restaurant for item availability. No, seriously, call before you get yourself all keyed up!