The Build-A-Bowl Workshop


Be the master of your domain with our premier Bowl O’ Food program. Take your picks and just watch: we’ll cook ‘em up good and put ‘em in a bowl! A bowl is like a plate, but with handy sides to keep your dinner stacked in place. It’s a system. A-B-C. It’s simple as Do Re Mi, A-B-C, 1-2-3, Baby, you and me, girl!

1. Start with one of these:

Professionally Seasoned Roasted Redskin Potatoes // Gluten-free Quinoa // Curly Curly Cavatappi & Red Vodka Sauce // Rigatoni Aioli // Pierogies // Tatery Tatery Potato Tots

2. Pick your protein:

Grilled Marinated Chicken // Braised Short Ribs // Buffalo Pork Carnitas // Grilled Portobello ‘Shroom // Jamaican Jerk Chicken// Hummus// a Jumbo Lump Crab Cake // Roasted Turkey Breast // Grilled Salmon// a Flatiron Steak

3. And finish big!

Delicious Roasted Vegetables // Lots of Bacon // Black Bean Pineapple Salsa // Pico de Gallo // Toothsome Hearty Chili // Big Ladle of our famous Mac-n-Chee Sauce // Spicy Slaw // Chimichurri Sauce //

Wintery Big Things

Eggplant Napoleon

Crispy fried eggplant stacked lasagna - style with pesto and marinara, bound by gooey cheese, and sided by a salad.


Personal Meatloaf

Your own personal meatloaf/ Someone to hear your prayers/ Someone who's there/ Something that's made of beef ground/ Something that's round/ Your own personal meatloaf/ Reach out for gravy! Includes corn, mashed potatoes, and an apology to Depeche Mode.


Jackfruit Sofritacos

Our newest vegetarian take on a veggie taco, featuring the superfood jackfruit straight from Bangladesh.


The Porkshank Redemption

Over the years we've handled more shanks than a spinster prison matron, each and every one delicately braised and falling off the bone, dripping in our bourbon glaze, and firmly rooted in homemade mashers.


Anytime Brunch: Breakfast Mac & Chee

There's only one idea better than that: all of that creamy cheesey goodness from our famous Mac & Chee, plus bacon, savory breakfast sausage, and an egg.


Anytime Brunch: Breakfast Burghermeister

Rich, smoky bacon and cheddar atop a manhole cover of grilled beef able to satisfy even the most demanding carnivore. On that we'll put a fried egg that'll in all likelihood dribble yolk down your chin.